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2016 ATS-V rattling

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I am a new owner of a 2016 ATS-V which was a left over from last year. When I purchased the car I noticed a rattling noise likely coming from the turbo and I left the car in the dealership for a week thinking they would fix the problem. The salesman stated he "couldn't hear it" and didn't know of this issue with these cars, even though they claim to be the largest V dealer in the country in Costa Mesa, Ca. When I picked up the car they said "this is a common problem and most of the ATS-V have this turbo rattling." They don't call it a problem yet it is not normal and not all cars have the issue. I am surprised GM is not doing anything about this! How many others are experiencing this issue and what has your experience been with it?
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I have the same rattle on my 2018. I'll post back if it gets better or fixed by warranty, maybe louder exhaust will fix it ;)
Ok got the car back after getting two turbos replaced and the car still rattles as it did before just not as loud. I'm going to take it home and see if its coming from the same location as before though as i've heard the rattle is just a fact of life with the car
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