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I recently paid good $$ to have my stock 2016 ATS-V given a Pro Tune from a well know and respected performance shop in Ohio.

The baseline results were (at least to me) shocking.

I appear to own an ATS-V that put down 462 RWHP / 422 RWTQ in bone stock form on a loaded Mustang Dynamometer.

Does that even make sense?

I know of a recorded case of another 2016 stock ATS-V that put down 460 RWHP using a Mustang Dyno on a Youtube video.

I have always pointed to that video as......well..............pure BS.

Does anyone out there have any insight into my numbers?

Do I in fact own, what appears to be at this point, the highest performing stock ATS-V ever produced.

Put another I possibly own an ATS-V that, in stock form, outperforms the HPE550 package Hennessey charges other ATS-V owners $6,000 to have installed?

Does anyone out there have any first hand knowledge that there are ATS-V's coming off the assembly line that can and do put down the kind of RWHP/TQ that I describe here?

When I figure out how to upload a copy of my Dyno Chart I will post it.
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