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I have to agree that CF is the way to go. Hell, just the way it looks warms my soul. That red ATS-V just looks angry sittin there and the way acceleration feels is a godsend to guy who never, ever had any kind of hot ride. It damn sure turns my crank to kick it in the ass comin up the on ramp. I get pushed outta shape and it's hard to steer and I'm absolutely crazy about it. The Beach Boys were right is all I can say. It's a bit low and rough for my lovin wife but she never drives it. The magic is the driving of it. It's American too and that just suits me fine. Always a place on the road for American muscle and if there isn't we will make room with this bit of a caddy. A couple M3s I know are respectful.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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