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8-speed (Auto) vs 6-speed (Manual)

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Hello Guys,

Looking into getting an ATSV, without any bias answers. What transmission is better for holding power and torque?

Im noticing that their are far much more 8-speed out in the market.
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Not sure what exactly you mean by "holding" more power and torque, but here goes. A manual will always put down more power and torque than an auto. The thing is, you need the driver mod for racing. Today's autos have significantly less drive train loss and use power more efficiently than before. You have paddle shifters in the auto if you absolutely need to shift, but the manual is more fun, {to each his own). I have an auto in my Camaro and a stick in the V. Go figure, should be the other way around. There is not much to complain about with the 8 speed, the manual offers PTM launch control and no lift shift. So basically it boils down to if you want to have to fight the stick in traffic, (I live near LA), or keep a bit more power on the ground.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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