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Ok, so I've got some great unofficial news. I followed up on the updates and learned that (according to my source) we will have the Apple Car Play update sometime next month and they will be able to update the existing CUE system with the newest version which includes the faster processor. Obviously this is great news and I will update this thread once I have the official word that we can begin to install it.

If you purchased one of the ATS-Vs that does not already have Apple Car Play, you should contact your dealer towards the middle of January to see if they are ready to complete the update. As I'm sure most of you are aware, vehicle updates can often times get pushed back to make sure you check into it before taking your car in for that specific update.

Stay speedy,
Jay, do you know when Android Auto will be available? My ATS-V came with Apple Car Play (October build) but I'm using an Android platform phone.
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