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I love my 2016 ATS-V Coupe. I've put 20K miles on it.

I looked at the C63AMG and the M3/M4 before I made my decision. Sure, they're all great cars but the German cars don't "pop". There are SO many of their lesser models on the road that their upper level models don't turn heads.

My ATS-V coupe still gets thumbs up and others swiveling their heads to figure out what that bad ass car is.

On the road, there are few cars that can compare/contend. It's a win/win in my mind. Then again, I'm biased as an owner.

Hell, I was at Advance Auto today replacing a battery for my Acura TL-S and I had people in the parking lot as well as the AA staff coming out to check out my V.

Yes, I'm happy with my choice.

My biggest gripe was the sound system. I added a powered sub and it's all good now.

There is no car comparable for the $$$.
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