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I was about to pull the trigger on an M3, but the allocation game got tiring. Then I remember the V2 CTS-V, but when looking for that the ATS came up. It was not even in my radar, so like they say the rest is history and I have had a black raven for about 3 weeks. Yes I am happy with it, sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing but the more I drive the car the more I like it. Comparing it to the M:
  1. Lower profile, I love the sleeper personality and got away from the BMW fan boy, snobbish aura. I think the car lines are crisp and classy.
  2. Hell of an engine and overall package. Tuners will do wonders on this platform.
  3. Rides better than the M (w/o the adaptive suspension). The M is a lot more nervous and has a stiffer ride. The magnetic suspension is wonderful.
  4. Less $$, although at the end not such a big decisive factor.
  5. I like the fact that is made here, and BMW's are not well known for being reliable.
  1. Bimmers have a much nicer interior for the same $.
  2. The car could be a couple of inches bigger
  3. Time will tell how well put together this thing is, for now I am happy I rolled the dice. Once I put a tune on it I know I will be a lot happier ;)
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