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ATS-V Drive Train Rattle

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Just picked up my 2016 Grey 6-speed manual. Amazing! However the drive train, or something else behind the firewall, rattles somewhat like a hard disc accessing sound or "overhead cam-y" sound or like foil being crinkled up.

Took back to the dealer within an hour and they said keep driving it and bring it back in two weeks. Anyone else have this issue? 100 miles on the odo right now.
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Mine seems to be fine. Silver 6spd. Not sure what that could be. Just reached a bit over 500 mi tonight. Maybe try another well respected dealership?
Have an auto and Windows down around 1800 ram it sounds like an exhaust rattle. Going back to dealer to get fixed.
I have something similar, at the beginning I thought it was the turbos, but it is not and the noise is getting worse. Now I have 2000 miles and the car is coming in on Monday. I hope they will be able to tell me what it is and not come back with a lame excuse or tell me that it is normal. When I press the clutch it goes away 80%.
I have this problem. I am on my second ATS-V. It happens in the new car. I drove another one off the lot last night (a manual, mine is auto) and it also makes the chatter/rattle sound. i tried a manual to see if it was transmission related. this occurs between 1900-2200rpm at light throttle (like 15-20%) and is quite audible. it's been quite a journey. i am going to start a new thread in this section (and every ats-v forum) to warn potential buyers not only of this issue, but also of how i have been treated by GM.
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