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ATS-V Lease Terms are RAD!

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So you want to beat the hell out of an ATS-V for a couple of years, but you don't necessarily invest the full $61,000+ over the next 72 months of your life? I too have commitment issues. In an effort to get their new Baby-V into the garages of more folks, Cadillac are offering a hell of a lease offer right now.

You can drive (read: beat the hell out of) a car that gets from 0-60 in less time than it takes you to notice that your shoe is untied for several hundred dollars less than owning it outright.

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For "Well Qualified Buyers" in that snooty voice that they always say that in, you can get into the ATS-V for just $559 a month on a 3 years lease. The catch is that you only get 30K miles a year and beyond that you are in for a quarter a mile. Luckily, you will only be running this thing from stop light to stop light as fast as you can, so it will take you a while to get to 30K miles. You will need to come up with almost $5K before they let you drive off the lot, but that is to be expected I am sure. Zero dollars due at signing is reserved for those Kias with a set of hamsters under the hood for propulsion. I am serious, look at their commercials, if that isn't truth in advertising, I don't know what is.

Anyway, go out there and lease your ATS-V and let us know what a properly appointed ATS-V will run you a month.

Sauce: Cadillac | ATS-V Sedan Build Your Own


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Not a terrible lease term... essentially it will cost you $8700/year for 3 years to have this baby. Then you just turn it back in!
That doesn't seem bad at all! Considering how much the MSRP is on one of these bad boys, this sounds pretty tempting...
That's not bad deal at all. I bet there is quite a bit of room to haggle with the money down as well.
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