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ATS-V Non-tune Perfomance Mods

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum, and really hoping to get some help on upgrading my ATS-V. I just purchased my ATS-V this past Thursday and read many threads, watched many different videos, and did some window shopping all over for simple bolt-on parts to add some easy hp & some sporty noise. What I mean by "sporty noise" is like aftermarket bovs, intakes, and downpipe & mid-pipe upgrades to get a better than stock sounds. I am not a racer, and use my car currently as a daily driver. I have looked at many different performance upgrades out here, but some say you need to have it professionally tuned for your car to run right. What happened to "bolt-on wonder" upgrades that you can do to your car that performs what I am asking for without extensive tuning for the car to run without issues. Can anyone tell me what they have done performance wise without tuning that does not void the warranty, products that are out there that does not mess anything up with the car like engine lights coming on, rattles/vibrations after upgrades, or issues products not working well with oem parts after adding upgrades such as the changing exaust sounds from touring, sport, and race modes. I am not looking to have a 10 second car here, but want simple upgrades that add hp, and some meaner, sporter sounds.

I am sure there is many threads on here about performance mods and what people have gotten that work, BUT i want mods that are strickly bolt on parts that do not void my warranty and especially doesnt need a tune to make them work right with the car. If anyone can help me out with this I would very much appreciate it!
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You could do catted downpipes and mid pipes without voiding the warranty. Plus that wouldnt throw a CEL like catless downpipes would. I wouldnt get an intake unless you were planning on getting a custom tune as well which will definitely void the warranty. Check out the weapon x exhaust video on youtube. It is the best sounding exhaust for these cars in my opinion.
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