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Blown Fuses

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Hi all from sunny Florida, I'm new to the forum so thought I'd post this as I'm sure I won't be the last person to have this issue.

Just blown a fuse changing a puddle light bulb on my 2016 ATS-V. Beware that this also means the gearbox gets stuck in P!!! After trawling through the Owners Manual, I discovered there is nothing that tells you which fuse box and fuse location is relevant. Anyway, after trawling the web and trying without success to get any info from my local dealer, I started checking each fuse starting with the drivers side fuse box. Thankfully I found the culprit pretty fast, it's the 10amp fuse in position 15 that needs replacing and it fixes the issue.

Can't believe the interior/courtesy lighting is on the same fuse as the auto gearbox shifter, but there you go!

Anyway, love my ATS-V, taking it on the track for the first time on April 23rd, so pretty excited about that.

Happy driving!
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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