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Came from BMW M4 to ATS-V

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Hi guys wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to the site . Sold my M4 Been with BMW for years and decided to try th V. Had the car one day , so far I love it. No regrets. I'm not missing my M4 lets put it that way. Anyone come from a German car ?
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I'm new to the group and the ATS-V as well. I've been a long time AMG owner.
The AMG will always rank superbly in my book. The new V is right up there though. The magnetic ride control and handling is incredible. I'm looking forward to taking it to the track this summer and see what it can really do. It's nice not having high maintenance costs. Haha! AMG's are stupid expensive to maintain. My only complaint about the V is the poorly done infotainment system. It sucks, but is slowly growing on me. The perfect car, AMG chassis, engine and exhaust, BMW's M drivetrain and ATS-V's mag ride, suspension and steering. How does the M3 and M4 compare to the new ATS-V? BMW has owned this class of car since the 80's.
I live Colorado, so we always have plenty of sunshine. I also own a '14 E63 S AMG and I bought the new C63S Edition 1 coupé back in October. The V is my daily driver, I put some snow tires on it and it has been awesome in the snow surprisingly. I'm actually thinking about going to look at a CTS-V if I can convince the wife. Any thoughts on those?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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