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Did Cadillac miss out on a great opportunity or is GM protecting the Corvette/Camaro?

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Although I am pretty excited to see this car, and even more excited for a test drive one, I have to admit I am a bit dissapointed by the lack of cylinders. I'm having a hard time understanding why Cadillac chose the LF4 over the Corvette's LT1 when the power outputs are very similar. I will admit that I have never tracked a car myself but it is my understanding that most people prefer a naturally aspirated motor over a forced induction. With this car's main focus being how track capable it is, I'm very surprised that it does not come with the LT1 v8 and the benefits of less weight and cooling necessities as well as the possibility of better fuel mileage with the cylinder deactivation. I'm not trying to discredit the ats-v. I'm sure it will be a very capable car, and I remember reading somewhere that this is the fastest car Cadillac has ever sent around the 'Ring. I personally dreamed of this car having an LT1 and performance cam so it'll have that mean loping idle, and sitting in my driveway of course.

Anyone else agree or disagree with me? Any thoughts why Cadillac chose LF4 over the LT1 for a track car?
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Oh I'm sure the LF4 will be a little torque monster and I'm sure it will respond well to mods, specifically a tune, better than the LT1. But with additional turbos (although they're titanium), heat exchangers, piping, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if the LF4 actually weighs more than the LT1.
I've searched around for interviews with Tony Roma and haven't been able to find that. If true though, great job on their part.
Didn't that Tony say it was lighter than the V-8 since they used the lightweight parts just for that reason?
I found an interview of Autoline After Hours (episode #273 Cadilliac Performance: Where V is for Velocity) where Tony Roma was interviewed for roughly thirty minutes. Tony mentioned that he doesn't know the exact weight of the LF4 but believes it would be about 20 pounds less than the LT1.

AAH 273 Cadillac Performance Where V is for Velocity Autoline After Hours

For reference I found that the LT1 weighs 465 pounds and the LF3 weighs 485 pounds.
Thank you Phantomjockey! I've updated my original post. I have a bad habit of leaving out words when typing, usually a crucial word to the point I'm trying to get across.

I completely agree with not waiting for an engine you wouldn't be happy with. That's why I'm on the fence between the ATS-V and the stingray myself considering they both look great and are very similarly priced and should perform very similarly. If they offered the ATS-V with an LT1 it would be a no brainer for me as the Caddy is the car I would prefer to purchase. Looks a bit better to me and would be a bit more practical.
Thank you for the knowledge you have shared on the vehicles as I have yet to drive any of them. I do believe either vehicle will be worlds better than my current vehicle. And I will definitely look into the coupe versus sedan more. I was thinking of going the sedan route since the design flows a bit better, in my opinion,than the coupe. I do not have family so there is no necessity for the sedan, just assumed it would be a bit more practical. It will honestly be a year until I pull the trigger so I still have plenty of time to decide. I'm getting married this year so unfortunately any spare funds are going towards the wedding at the moment.
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