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Dyno Pulls...

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Had an opportunity to make a few pulls at my buddies new shop here in Houston. Jayson Cohen, owner and founder of Motorsport Technologies, has once again decided to follow his never ending enthusiasm, passion and intense desire of making something great even better in the automotive industry.

After stepping away from the game for the past 7-8 years, pursuing his entrepreneurial spirit in other ventures, many knew (or at least hoped) he couldn't stay away forever.

Jayson see's MANY things to be improved upon in our potent little Caddy. From the induction and exhaust side to the VERY conservative factory tune. He couldn't believe how de-tuned the ATS-V's are in stock form compared to many other factory "hot rods" like the new C7 Z06 and several other new FI cars. So much left on the table it's crazy. Mike (NewEra) has already shown this in all his threads as well. Looking at the stock tune it's amazing the LF4's are performing like they are.

Welcome back my friend!

Base line pulls before the mods begin.



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