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family guy:$70K+? talk me into the ATS-V instead of SRT392/Hellcat

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i have two children 10 and 7. Been researching sports sedans. Have track aspirations.
One car do it all? or Get boring family sedan and a 5 year old track car?

Charger Scat/SRT392/Hellcat has more space and is more practical (yeah I know) but like all current muscle/pony variants, handles better than sports/track/super cars of previous decade. Maybe as a guy who is just starting to love driver's cars, a big 4,400b 485hp car would be a thrill. The issue is my 650lb 145hp motorcycle- I have a need for accelerative powers. Oney a couple cars I've driven have given me a sense of athleticism similar to my bike. The Camaro ZL1 being my favorite 4 wheeler thus far. Been eyeing the CTS-V for a couple of years, it pulls in 2nd in my drivers car search. They both fit my body needs, power needs, and handling goals.

Test drove the ATS-V and 2016 CTS V-Sport last week, surprised that the ATS-V had more space in the footwell. Hope the new CTS-V has more than V-Sport. Loved the ATS-V, though I could use a touch more acceleration, its handling, seating position...well it just works for me. Really, really liked the ATS-V.

When I purchase it will be my first auto of its type, so I'm searching for any experience you guys may have had that says 'the ATS-V is plenty family capable' or 'save yourself some headache just get the boat.' I have a mini-van, its old though. And for now, my kids live with my Xwife in another state. The fiancee knows I won't be having more kids.

Thanks all.
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I looked into the Challenger Hellcat and the Charger, but found that due to limited production you cant get one for MSRP. They are really heavy and aren't going to handle like an ATS-V, and in the 4 door you can't get a manual (may not be an issue for you but was for me). After months of looking at and researching various cars it came down to a list of 4 - used Jaguar F-type v8s (most beautiful of the bunch but auto only and used) A C7 corvette, an M3 and last but not least the ats-v. BMW lost the chance of getting my business because they are a bunch of pricks. The Corvette was the most fun to drive and the Jag gave me wood every time I looked at it. Then I checked out the Caddy and felt an immediate bond with it. To me it is a 4 door Corvette that is more luxurious and the back seats can actually fit adults in the back when needed. GMC has the best shock absorbers hands down to giive the best of both worlds, good handling and a pretty decent ride for how well it handles. The M3 felt stiffer and more bouncy in comparison. Finally by going through Costco I was able to get a good deal on the ATS-V. I love the car and am very happy with my decision. Just can't wait now to finish breaking it in
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Congrats! The more you drive it the more you'll love it. The more you look at it the more you'll appreciate the styling.

I couldn't be any happier with my decision as well. Enjoy!
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