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First ATS-V to compete in the Texas Mile

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Hey everyone,

I was very fortunate over the weekend to become the first person to ever race an ATS-V in a standing 1 mile event. It was an absolute blast to drive and was very stable at high speed. I ended up running 163.9mph and I have pasted the link to my Youtube video. Enjoy!
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Very cool Jay. Had quite a few friends that braved the weather and ran as well. Pretty respectable mph...looks like a walk in the park. Congrats! BTW this is Djason from the other forums. Had a question for ya. Sent PM in the other site.
Thank you and the weather made it a very long weekend that's for sure. The car is really stable at high speed and didn't feel light in the front end at all so it was a piece of cake. This car only had 104 miles on it so I'm guessing it will be a bit stronger once it's truly broken in.,
GM's claim of top speed is 189 guess it takes more than a mile. :)
I would imagine so as most high performance cars don't hit their top speed in only one mile.
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