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    Meticore coming and they're not working with you and you have to do it remotely what would you prescribe to them to do to show them that they can do the hard things to begin building that self-worth yeah put all these many challenges throughout the month like okay you guys this month we're gonna focus sometimes as a physical thing but other times it's like hey guys for 30 days I want to challenge you to do maybe three to five positive affirmations every single day and all you're saying to yourself is I can do hard things or I am worthy or I love myself and I'm proud of Who I am it's not a direct you know cause of weight loss but if you can set yourself up for this win that's going to help you set set that's gonna help set you up for these other ones down the road when it comes to the workout you're going to do this month or sticking with whatever diet you're trying to do for that month because then you realize man I can't do hard things even if you don't believe it at first and that's the thing people really don't believe positive affirmations at first because they've had 30 40 years of negative self-talk and now you're trying to tell them you know just say these things out loud to yourself words have power and they can actually change your beliefs

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