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Im fuming!! 2200 miles still in service with Cadi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Was Driving the car one day and the car started shaking engine light came on. Next it was reading Axle. Took the car in said it was one injector. So they order a new injector and few days later they install it and leave with the car. Not 10 minutes into my drive home the car starts shaking again!!!!! Turn around right back to the dealer. So now they tell me they want to replace all six injectors. So now I'm fuming. So far here is the issue they cannot find six injectors. they received one today and the supervisor in parts has to search around for the other five.They have no idea how long this will take. Meanwhile they gave me a garbage loaner ATS 2.0 cannot stand it!!!!
So now at this point i contact GM. i have an assigned agent I'm dealing with. if they keep the car for a long period of time they said they would compensate me .I told the gentleman at least make 1 lease payment while i do not have the car. The car has 2200 miles on it this is unacceptable!! My payment is $698.00 a month MSRP 77,555.00 . I have Vector Blue Coupe loaded Carbon Fiber package Etc. please correct me if i am wrong for asking them to make the payment for me being the car has only 2200 miles and I'm not with my V. Now here is the kicker if i get it back after the injectors are all installed and the car has an issue , get this, they told me they may consider buying the car back and put me in another V. if thats the case i will say ill accept your deal but i want a CTS-V for 700-800 per month and you have a deal. Its worth a shot.
I came out of a 2016 BMW M4 and decided to get a ATS-V. Sorry i did so far should have kept my BMW at this point. I hope they resolve the issue quick and i get my car back, or yes i want another car. What are your thoughts guys ?
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Sorry to hear of your bad experience and hope the dealer resolves the issue quickly. Thank you for buying from an American car mfg this time.
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