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Intro...Evo to ATS-V?

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Currently in a 2015 Evo X. Full bolt ons, tune, full audio upgrade, coils, wheels, etc etc. Test drove an ATS-V today and loved it. At the point now where im considering doing 1 of 3 things.

1. Keep Evo, buy accord for work (I travel quite a bit)
2. Trade in Evo for ATS-V
3. Sell Evo and find Gen 2 CTS-V
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If you have defined them, what are the items you are looking for if you change vehicles?

It sounds like you have a car (EVO) that is capable of track days, autocross/Solo 2, perhaps Time Attack/Time Rules/current 2018 equivalent. You've got a long list of support suppliers, wheels, tires, and other items directed towards this vehicle.

Another consideration - your geographic area/normal winters.
  • Chicago? Better plan on parking the ATSV, or subbing some dedicated snow tires that are a bit narrow for the stock rear rim. All seasons? Go for it ... just keep in mind that the "All" designation means they are 'less than optimum' at basically .... everything.
  • St. Louis? 5 years ago, dedicated snow tires were required. The last three, an A/S (suitable for 5 - 25 F temps) would suffice.
  • Memphis? Snow is something you chat w/your grandkids about. Ice is a winter fact of life. Every 5 -15 years. Then the town shuts down, and it doesn't matter what kind of tire you have, because everyone else has the wrong one.
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