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Intro...Evo to ATS-V?

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Currently in a 2015 Evo X. Full bolt ons, tune, full audio upgrade, coils, wheels, etc etc. Test drove an ATS-V today and loved it. At the point now where im considering doing 1 of 3 things.

1. Keep Evo, buy accord for work (I travel quite a bit)
2. Trade in Evo for ATS-V
3. Sell Evo and find Gen 2 CTS-V
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Since you're posting on an ATS V forum, I say trade in the Evo and get the ATS-V. Both seems to have similar MPG, that's if you care about that. I know I do. Which is the reason why I got rid of my 2nd Gen CTS V Coupe for an ATS V Sedan. Oh yeah, plus I'm having a baby and the extra 2 doors will help a lot.
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