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I got the email notification earlier today so I figured why not sign up? I had previously been interested in the CTS-V before ending up with an IS-F hence my membership on CTSVOwners.

I absolutely love my IS-F and do plan on keeping it for a while but will eventually be making the move to something new. Aside from the ATS-V, I've been keeping up with the F80 M3/M4, the RC-F, and now the GS-F. Out of all of these, the ATS-V definitely has me the most intrigued.

I hope this becomes the primary community for future ATS-V owners. If these forums do take off, I'll be sticking around, albeit mostly lurking as a non-owner. I'm excited to see how the community develops and can't wait to see these on the road.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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