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issues with "check engine" light

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Wondering if anyone else has had the same/similar problem w/ "check engine" light, and particularly if/how it was resolved-
My 2018 w/about 11,100 miles has a recurring "check engine"... what makes it very difficult is that it's an intermittent problem. At times the car starts and performs with no issues at all; other times the light comes on and stays on. Sometimes when the light is on it drives normally; sometimes the car doesn't want to shift into higher gears (auto transmission)- this is usually the pattern when the light's on.
I've started keeping a log, and there seems to be no common thread as to when the problems shows up: Temperature, time of day, when car was last started/driven- no pattern that I can tell. I've had the car to three different dealers (have an appt later this month for dealer #4)- still the problems persists.
One dealer did a reset; another found an issue with a suspension link, which was repaired; third dealer "couldn't replicate the problem" despite having the car for 9 days.
I've had limited success starting/restarting the engine several times in succession: Leaving the car idling for 10 minutes or so, shutting down then restarting- if I do this 4 or 5 times, sometimes it clears the light and the car drives normally, other times not.
The most recent problem is after starting, the dashboard diagnostics go haywire: "Check- rear axle, front lighting, suspension", etc. scrolling through all categories; the tach is bouncing between 0-600 RPM, although the engine seems to be running smooth; the gearshift selector light flashes red in "P"; and the temp gauge also bounces. Plus, upon trying to restart, the engine doesn't turn over until I take my foot OFF the brake, and then it shuts down after about 5 seconds with no action on my part.
If the most recent problem persists, is it safe to drive about 12 miles to the dealer? I'd rather not have it flat bedded if I can avoid it.
Any thoughts, anybody?
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