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May as well do an intro

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Hello everyone, most know me as "slo"..... Heavy into anything vehicle performance related whether it be on two or 4 wheels. Come from an ok background with vehicles....
02 S2000 turbo
03 svt cobra
04 g35 coupe
08 EVO X
09' trailblazer SS
2011 135i
2011 370z
2012 crewman tundra
2011 335i

My passion has been sportbikes, but I may be giving that up for a year or so to open up funds for other opportunities, I've accomplished far more than I thought I would ever do in a short amount of time. I won't get into a list of bikes I've had.

The ATS-V interests me for it's design and daily driver potential, but more importantly it's road course potential. The multiple heat exchangers caught my interest, seems there is very little to do to make it road course worthy lap after lap comparing with many other vehicles.

There are other vehicles I am interest in for multiple reason as well....
GTR used
Used CTS-V
2014+ new or used art Cherokee (for fun with kids, towing, and yes it will see the road course)
Hellcat Charger (not a road course car but fun none the less)
Lotus Exige used
Polaris SlingShot (fun with my little ones)
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Hello @SLO welcome to the site, looks like you've had a great collection of cars over the years!

I see on your list other vehicles you are interested in. I've owned a (1st gen) CTS-V, also a 2013 GT-R and a couple of my friends have Slingshots and love them. I'm not sure if you know of the site or not, but be sure to check out: Polaris Slingshot Forum
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