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New to Forum but no stranger to performance....

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Hello all,

Newbie to forum so Ill keep it short. Has anyone tried the MRR 228 wheels on the ATS-V? If so, how do they fit, ride, feel in the turns? For those that don't know those are the 5th Gen Camaro Z-28 rims, (replicas) and they are awesome. Look great on anything they fit, and are a bit wider than stock. The helped the handling on my SS in a BIG way, (I have coil overs too). I am able to have 255/40's in the front and can fit 315/35's on the rear. Obviously my concerns are two fold:
1) Will they fit in the "small" wheel well and not scrape, hit, or drag in any condition? The are 20's compared to the 18's we have stock.
2) Cadillac states the stock rim and tire has countless engineering hours on them and is the utmost best width/weight/diameter, blah, blah, blah, Now no offense to the enginerds but they are not always right when it comes to the "hands on experience" type of thing. to them if it looks right on paper or diagram, it works. What say you ATS-V people?
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