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Hey all, my name is Eddie and I finally bought a car that I've had my eye on for a few years. Picked up this '17 Vector Blue over Saffron Orange sedan, complete with Performance and Driver assistance packages with a 6spd manual. I've wasn't looking for any particular color, but knew I wanted the suede wheel/knob and Recaros, and every one I've seen had one or the other, or had the A8.
First off, this is the first time I drove an ATS at all, and in V flavor I completely underestimated it. I'm familiar with the Alpha chassis from a friend's Camaro SS/1LE that I drove a few times, but this car is a whole 'nother beast.
I did a little research with this color combo just because I've never seen a sedan in this blue before, and I've found out that this exact spec was considered the Vector Blue Edition in Japan, with only 5 examples made? Does anyone know what the numbers are for the American market? In searching for one heavily for the last 6-7 months, I've only seen one Vector Blue coupe, and no cars equipped with the Saffron interior.

Anyway, enjoy the photos, and any tips or things I should know, please share!
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