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Noob announcement..

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New to the group so figured I'd do an intro -- I picked up an ATS-V last Monday. Traded my 3.6 ats. Been a damn fun week, but you all know the feeling.
Black Raven-Auto-CF Kit-Roof-Gold Cal's
I live in Northern Va about 20 miles outside of DC. Any locals here? Any words of wisdom - LOL




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Looks nice. I kinda prefer the red calipers on black but just a personal thing and the way my CTS-V was outfitted. (I got the ugly gold ones on my ATS-V) Congrats.
thx. Funny, I dislike red cals! Im into understated I guess, my amg has silver cal's. This was the only black with gold I could find in the mid-Atlantic. Plenty of red.
Glad there are some ATS-Vs somewhere. Short supply around here in the Southeast. Actually in the last 3-4 years I've had a black ML63AMG, black CTS-V, black Infiniti FX50 and black M3 sedan so the red and even the white is a change :) But I've been partial to black. The red ones here are virtually nonexistent - a few old red DTS's but that's about it.

Oh, lets not forget my dark blue Roush <vbg>
that's what I like about the ats-v, not a car u see every day! Been to many car meets and no ats-v' any where in sight!
I used to be a huge s4 fan but it's so mainstream now -- I see more women than men. No offense to the ladies.
and for the record, my Audi a4 rainy day car w 300k has the most unique caliper color - rust. LOL
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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