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PDR Videos from Circuit of the Americas

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The videos below were taken last week at a Cadillac event in Austin Texas. Very cool event at Circuit of the Americas and I was extremely impressed with the car and the PDR (performance data recorder).

My first drive in the ATS-V:

ATS-V Chasing me (I'M in the orange M4)

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Well lets hear the good, bad and the'd it compare to the M4...??
IMO, the ATS-V was better in every category and certainly stood out the most with regard to steering and brakes. The M4's steering ratios were not as quick as the ATS-V meaning that you have to physically turn the wheel more to go around a corner. The brakes on the M4 were cooked by the time I got behind the wheel and the rotors seemed to be badly warped whereas the ATS-Vs were still in perfect shape. Both cars accelerate much harder than you would think a 6 cylinder can unless you're used to a GTR or a 911 Turbo/GT3.

The transmission in the M4 was excellent as is the 8L90 in the ATS-V. I felt as though they were equally fast but the M4 does not shift (up or down) as smoothly as the ATS-V. It's slightly more violent and some people may take that as a win depending on their personal preference. That being said, the M4 was a much better match to the ATS-V than the M5 was to the '16 CTS-V. That was a landslide victory for the CTS-V as the M5 is a joke on the track. Both the ATS-V and the CTS-V felt like they got better and better the more they were pushed.

The Recaro seats are 100% better than what was in the M4. The other thing to keep in mind is that neither BMW, Mercedes or Audi offer a PDR. I was a bit on the fence regarding this option but after watching my videos along with my colleagues, I can say with confidence that its worth the money. Additionally, having access to Cosworth Toolbox should make it much easier for owners to review their videos and learn how to improve their lap times.

-"Our world burns brightest for those who fly highest. For those for whom the life worth living exists just beyond one's limits, Cadillac is the co-conspirator in their irrepressible pursuit of life."
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Great write up! Thx for all the detailed, in depth info...hope you don't mind if I share it with others. Should be picking mine up this Friday if all goes as planned.
Dang, the PDR is awesome. That is so cool!
Thanks for posting. I like your color but i think I would like it in Vector Blue Metallic.
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That blue looks really good. I'm not normally a blue guy but that looks spectacular on the car.
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