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Poor Caddy has been hurt by distracted Prius driver

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I was rear ended a week ago and one of the damaged items is the exhaust. The new one is going to cost 2100$. I really would prefer an aftermarket exhaust but can't find any. Anyone know of an aftermarket one available?
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sucks to hear that man, id be pissed! Saw these online...not sure of fit finish or performance.

Korkar Performance Engineering - GM Performance Parts

post up on your next steps
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if you're gonna get hit, that's the best type of collision - just a bumper. I hope the body shop u use doesn't report to carfax or else you'll take a beating on the resale. The bad part of carfax, that stupid "collision/accident report" will pop up. Ifnits not too late just take the payout and get it done on the side or do it yourself. I want their DP's -- $445 is a legit deal. Post up feedback after contacting them!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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