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Sedan may ship next week

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ordered a sedan in February. Was built about a month ago however car will not be shipped until apple play software patch is applied. Current estimate is that it will be shipped first week of August. I heard any car ordered with a sun roof will not be shipped for at least 2 more months glad I didn't order with a sun roof (I don't fit with my helmet on). I will post pics once I receive.
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My 14 ats was recalled for the sun roof button. I've never had the problem the recall claims. I suspect GM paranoia and part is being reengineered. Hopefully yours will ship when transport is available (what a head scratcher for a delay of a car that's supposed to save the model).
still waiting. my sales person (Sewell Caddy) is going to be with V engineers today in Austin. He plans to "really" understand why they are not shipping? i worry my blade silver car has been sitting outside for 6 weeks absorbing all kinds of pollutants coming from the plant. its a no go if this is true. My suspicions are that its the worry about hackers, now. Crap there have been how many road tests and I'm sure the media is trying hard to "spin a bearing" and they can't. wanted one to pound the germans on the track. its almost no fun in the corvette because they are too slow.
It's alive. 8 months later the V arrives. The handling is scary good. Haven't pushed the twin turbo waiting until i have at least 500 miles to seat the rings and same on the Brembos. Glad I got the carbon fiber and seat options.
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