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I would be more than happy to assist anyone with the purchase or lease of a new ATS-V. We have an awesome selection of retail orders (unspoken for) and they have all been accepted by production control. If none of the incoming units are of interest, I would be happy to submit an order for you.

We are not going to be charging a "market adjustment" for any of our vehicles as that is not the right way to do business and its also against our company policy. I can work with any out of state buyers and I have a great relationship with several shipping companies so I can facilitate that as well.

I've been a part of the V Series community for a long time and have been posting on for several years. That being said, I'm looking forward to being a large supporter of this site and please contact me directly at the email address or phone number below if I can be of service!

Thank you,

Jay Lane
Internet Sales Manager
Sewell Cadillac of Dallas
[email protected]
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