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Sedan ordering

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hello all,
I just registered and have been waiting to order the awesome new ATS-V. I was going for a BMW "6" series but the caddie is more in line with my C7. It will be like having GM cousins. I read here someone has placed an order already. Is it possible to go to any Cadillac dealer and place an order? GM has not made a " build your own" web page yet.
In 2013 all you could do was give a deposit on a Stingray but it wasn't an order until about the same time as the web page let you build it. Then you would get the dealer submit an order and then you would get a "order number. With that one could track where it was in process.
Is there an actual production start date? I did not see a code from the other thread for manual or auto trans. I wonder which will be the up charge. With my C5 I paid $1500 for stick and now the C7 you pay extra for the auto.
Thanks and I'm glad this Forum was started as we can help each other with info on this great new vehicle.
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Ordered sedan 3 - 4 weeks ago and the order has a 3000 status. Ordered from Jay Lane at Sewell.

Went to the World Challenge race at COTA and rode in the ATS V sedan on a fun run. Suspension is stupid good. Seats are great. It was an automatic (driver left it in auto) and the overall setting was race and something (i couldn't hear the last part) upshifts and downshifts was very strong and precise. Acceleration was good although the amount of speed carried through the corners made it hard to get a fell for straight line performance. i would guess the horsepower numbers are a bit conservative. We ran down the Audis in front of us even though we waited in the pits an extra 10 seconds before unleashing the beast.
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all stock.

Base alignment
Tires were not shaved, looked brand new.

One additional thing that impressed me about the car was that after our run (the driver held nothing back) there wasn't that strong fluid odor. Normally stock cars that are pushed hard for 4 to 5 minutes have that "hot fluid" odor this car had none.

my only wish was that it had the cinch feature for the seat belts like a corvette
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