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Sedan ordering

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hello all,
I just registered and have been waiting to order the awesome new ATS-V. I was going for a BMW "6" series but the caddie is more in line with my C7. It will be like having GM cousins. I read here someone has placed an order already. Is it possible to go to any Cadillac dealer and place an order? GM has not made a " build your own" web page yet.
In 2013 all you could do was give a deposit on a Stingray but it wasn't an order until about the same time as the web page let you build it. Then you would get the dealer submit an order and then you would get a "order number. With that one could track where it was in process.
Is there an actual production start date? I did not see a code from the other thread for manual or auto trans. I wonder which will be the up charge. With my C5 I paid $1500 for stick and now the C7 you pay extra for the auto.
Thanks and I'm glad this Forum was started as we can help each other with info on this great new vehicle.
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Ordering is open at any Cadillac dealer. The 8 speed auto is the optional transmission, $2000. I think the website ordering opens in April.
Thanks you sir,
I will talk with the local dealer. Any idea when production will start?
That I do not know. But make sure to take that thing down scenic hwy 98 when you get it!
That is about the best road Pcola. Just repaved some of it. We run the road behind the airport for a few curves also. Are from the area?
I moved here 8 years ago and love it. I used it fly into here when I was in the USAF and knew than this was to be my final stop.
Im from Louisiana but have been vacationing each summer in Destin for the past 31 years (since I was born)
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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