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slimymed - Reviews Price Scam Work Warning Alert

Discussion in 'Cadillac ATS-V Purchasing' started by kahajoko, Sep 2, 2020.

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    slimymed bowl to put tomatoes in or I mean you know we love we we have a lot of them and we love all of them yeah actually talk about weight in that it's all about mastering your behavior mastering your thoughts and then after you take that course you have to be a mentor in that program and you have to do some of there they call them kale chats which is a live Facebook out one-hour class on mid week that you do that out like I had to do to the other people I also mentored people that were in the group and I think I've been you know I've got a bit of one-on-one stuff in that time yeah and I've been a mentor I didn't know three or four for three or four different mastery classes and then Tom and I went to chef AJ and her husband Charles for a week and we had training that we took from them and with a couple other people that did the training at the time so currently there's only the four of us that have been certified to teach her program and we're certified to teach it in our local community because chef AJ has been in person class it's an in

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