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At any speed, but especially noticeable at slow speed (even just a couple MPH), I'm getting what I can only describe as a "crunching" sound from what I believe is the left front suspension. It's not a clunk. It's not a rattle like when one end of a stabilizer bar comes loose from a worn-out bushing. It's not a creak like I had when the shear plate bolts needed to be retorqued. It's a sound like stirring a bucket of rocks with a metal rod, it's loud (inside the car), and you can feel it through the seat.
The closest similar sound is when you release the brakes just barely enough to let the car start moving and you get into a stick-slip friction mode where the brake pads are rapidly grabbing and releasing the rotor so you get an irregular metal-on-metal sort of rubbing sound. It's also not unlike ABS activation under maximum braking. But it's not the brakes, it's related to suspension travel, more on rebound than on jounce. On a smooth road the sound does not happen.
The car otherwise doesn't feel any different than it used to, and it still handles great. 48K miles, still bone stock.
Any thoughts?
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