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Thinking about placing an order - oil heating concerns?

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Phantom Gray Sedan 8AT Track Pack Black/Black Interior Recaro Suede Steering Flappy Paddles

My concern is about the ability of this car to deal with heat on a summer day over a 30+ minute track session. Do the brakes have sufficient cooling? Most importantly, I see discussion about oil pans designed for this car and generally discussion about "track readiness" but I've been burned before with cars that were said to be track ready only to find out that they didn't have proper oil coolers.

So... Has anyone seen a specification for what size oil cooler, power steering cooler, tranny and rear diff coolers are on this beast? Hard for me to order without seeing that...

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I wouldn't worry a smidge. The current V2 has all that covered and more. Just use all synthetics, like now, to get rid of any extra worry. Besides, you'll have a warranty.
Warranties voided? Again, if I hammer their car, with their equipment, I have no concerns. Where did you get the 290 exception?
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