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Transitioning from 2 seaters to a ATS-V

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LONG time 2 seater driver, of underpowered/underweight go carts with license plates. 1st gen RX-7's, Miatas, etc.

I'm one of those dorks who seeks out instruction, so I've been to a couple (single seater based) driving schools, in addition to "a couple years of trying to drive my car fast", via SCCA Solo 2 (Autocross), and SCCA Road Racing.

These have been my driving outlets since the mid '80's, although I haven't participated in the local SCCA activities in the last several years.

As my current street car is "aging, too low, and rides like a go-cart" - per the lady I've been living with for the last decade - I'm trying to find the happy medium.

- a sporty chassis that will make living with the car enjoyable,
- a "sleeper",
- something that will allow those of us with AARP cards to enter/exit said vehicle.

Thanks to all in advance for your welcoming attitude.

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