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Upgrades on my ATS-V

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Hello All,
I recently had some upgrades done on my Black Raven ATS-V. I had custom catless down pipes installed and a custom Pro Tune then had the car put on chasis Dyno results were 536.7 RWHP and 550.0 FTLB of Torque.
Some debate as to what Crank horsepower would be many say it is about 15% of loss from the crank to the rear wheels if that is so I have approximately 617 horsepower at the crank. Not to shabby for a little 220 cubic inch V6. Friend who I purchased the down pipes and tune from has same car 8 speed auto with same mods ran 11.35 123.94 at drag strip in New York. Just thought you might be interested.
Black Raven
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Is anybody concerned that GM may void warranty on modified cars?
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